Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Frugal Tree

The day after the first Christmas Paul and I spent as an engaged couple we got up early and made our way to Target for their "after Christmas" sale.  We bought  all of our Christmas tree decorations that day.  From lights to ornaments we would be set to go for years to come.  Little did we know that 6 years down the road we would be itching for something new.  Although I would recommend "after Holiday" shopping when at all possible, that is not what this frugal find is about.  In an attempt to switch up the tree this year we went the homemade route and came up with an entirely different tree at a very do-able price.  So here we go....

Our Candy Themed Tree.  We used colored lights that we had as opposed to our usual white lights.

Popcorn and Twizzlers String.   All you need is stale popcorn, twizzlers, and a needle and thread. (Cost $2)

Peppermint Ornaments.  I used both red and green peppermint candy and red hots.  Add a little hot glue, a loop on top, and there you have it.  (Cost $4 makes around 30)

Lollipop Tree topper.  I bought the lollipop at the Dollar Tree and used a piece of scrap ribbon to tie around it.  We found twist ties to do the trick to attach it to the top.   (Cost $1)

No Sew Tree Skirt.  I picked out some fabric, bought a piece of painters cloth for the bottom, and used hot glue to put together this ruffle tree skirt.  (Cost $9)

Want to make your own?  For step by step instructions I used the following blog:

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