Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Artwork Dispaly Boards

It turns out when you have a child in preschool (or 3) you end up with a lot of "artwork."  From the countless fingerpainting masterpieces smeared with all the same color to the stack of coloring sheets with a single crayon line on each to the fruit loop neckalce that is nothing but a sticky, half eaten mess. 

While I greatly appreciate and enjoy the fact that my children are free to learn and grow through creativity, it turns out I was not much of a fan of the growing mountain of artwork that was beginning to take over my counter tops.  It didn't take long before I had to face the dilemma that most parent has to face at some point... what do I throw and what do I keep?  I got over the guilt of throwing 99% of it away rather quickly but still the question remained.  What exactly do I do with it??... hang it on the fridge?... begin stuffing it in envelopes and mailing it out to grandparents?...... tuck it away in a file cabinet so I can hand it over to my child once they become adults and finally have their own house to store it in?   The answer- get on the internet and figure out what other parents do with it! 

After only a few minutes on pinterest I had about 101 different ways to display your kid's artwork.  I ended up going with an option that was super low cost and very effective.  Now all of our kids can proudly display their artwork without the clutter.  The kids are happy.  Mom's happy.  Our budget is happy.  It's a win win. 

I found some old scraps of wood we had in the garage, gave them a fresh paint of white paint, hot glued a few clothespins on it and there you have it. 

For some added color and detail I modge podged scrapbook paper on the clothespins.  I also may add some words on the board via stickers or stencils eventually.

I even made a board for myself to keep my coupons, menus, and random papers organized.

Wall Art Display boards adapted from It's Overflowing and clothespins from Simply Kierste.