Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Real Food Eating- UNREAL Candy!

I love candy bars.  I love them fresh, frozen, in fruit salads and on top of just about any dessert.  If you asked me to tell you my favorite, I couldn't.  Snickers....oh wait, no, peanut butter cups....um, scratch that, milky way??....  So as you can imagine, when we set out on this journey of real food eating,  you can imagine my disappointment when I looked at the ingredient list on a candy bar for the first time ever and realized it was loaded with some crazy things.  It was a sad day in the Behnke household as I came to terms with viewing candy as a rare treat instead of an everyday topping.  That is until last week when I came across an awesome product..... it's unreal. (pun intended)

Unreal Candy Bars.....  I came across a review of this new "better for you" candy bar from one of my favorite real food bloggers.  No Artificials, No Hydrogenateds, No Corn Syrups, No Preservatives, and No GMO's.  Sounded a little too good to be true.  I grabbed my most honest critic (my husband) and we headed over to Target to give this "Unjunked" candy bar a shot.  We decided on Unreal 8 (snickers) and what do you know?  It rocked!  Compared to a Snickers bar it had almost half the sugar and 5 times the fiber. (check out the comparison here)  I was also super pleased with the price because it was comparable to any candy bar.  Although I do not intend on adding this Unreal Candy into our daily lifestyle, it is super nice to have an unjunked option when we want something sweet.