Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Save Stylishly Take 2- Dresses

Back in April I wrote a blog entry on saving stylishly.  I had such a great response I thought I would post a second take on it but this time focus on dresses.  Maybe it is just a season in life, but ever since Paul and I were the first among our friends to say "I Do" summer pretty much equals a crazy amount of weddings.  At the start of the summer I found myself staring into my closet with an empty glare.  I needed some new dresses and in a hurry!  The next few weeks I was on the lookout and was pleasantly surprised with my finds courtesy of clearance racks, garage sales, and my personal favorite; Goodwill. 

If you saw me this summer at a wedding, rehearsal dinner, shower, or graduation ceremony, you have probably already seen an outfit or two.  Oh, and a special shout out to my wonderful husband who I continually interrupted to be my photographer. (I think I need a model!)  Naturally, we were wasting time between a wedding ceremony and reception.  Go figure. 

Outfit Total:  $5.00    (Goodwill- dress $1.99, belt $1.99, clearance rack gold hoop earrings 99 cents)

Outfit Total: $5.00  
($3.99 clearance rack dress, $1 garage sale sandals, hand-me-down earrings and sweater)

Outfit Total: $8.00 ($3.00 garage sale dress, $4.99 clearance rack sandals, hand-me-down shirt)

Outfit Total: $9.00  (Goodwill dress $4.99 and $1.00 sweater, Payless $3.00 shoes, hand-me-down necklace)

Outfit Total: $11.00  (Goodwill $4 dress, Clearance rack $1 bracelet, $1 shoes, and $5 sweater)

Outfit Total: $11.00 (Goodwill $4.99 dress, 99 cent sweater, clearance rack $3 shoes and $2 necklace)
Outfit Total: $5.00  (clearance rack $4 dress, $1 headband)
Outfit Total: $2.00  (Garage Sale $2 dress, hand-me-down necklace)