Saturday, June 28, 2014

Garage Sale Season

Garage sale season is once again upon us and yes, I have made it out a time or two....or three...or... you get the picture.  It is a hobby that I love and now that I am on the lookout for kid's stuff, it's taken it to an entirely new level.  I still stick to a few of my basic principles for good garage sales such as.....

1.  I only stop at sales on their first day within the first hour or two that they have been open.  YES, this takes a little bit of planning and mapping out my route but I have found it to be well worth while.

2.  I am still super cheap.  A clothing item over $1 has to be awesome and in excellent condition before I will even consider it.  If I were looking for thrift store prices, I would be at a thrift store. 

3.  I remember the "good ones" and keep an eye out for them from year to year.  What I mean by that is, if I come across a really great sale...the type and sizes I am looking for at a good price, I remember where I was and circle it on my calendar so that next year, I can keep an eye on the adds to see if they have another sale. 

This last principle actually served me well last week.  There was one sale in particular last year not far from our house that had a TON and I mean a TON of nice girls clothing in the sizes just ahead of my girls and the prices rocked.  I have been on the lookout for it all month and came across the add the night before it began!!  It was a GEM.  Let's put it this way, every clothing item I bought for the kids was marked 50 cents and I ended up spending $20.  You do the math. That is a lot of clothes.  My girls will be looking pretty stylish over this next year!  Here's a sneak peak at some of my finds.  Happy Garage Sale Season everyone!  Hope yours is off to a great start as well. 

My little ladies were thrilled to model a few of these fun dresses for me...... and the socks...couldn't get the girl to take them off, what can I say?

Planning ahead for the fall and winter.

So. many. adorable. dresses.

They had this modeling thing down after a few outfits! (note the socks...still...)

Sequence Galore...
My little guy LOVED his "digger" I found in a free box.

....and he also thought the girl's new socks were pretty sweet too.