Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Grocery Store Kid's Club

The other day we finally signed our kids up for the "Kid's Club" at our local neighborhood grocery store. (Mega Foods West)  Although I only tend to shop there when I am in a pinch it seems like we are there on an almost weekly basis as it also serves as the closest post office, bank, redbox, and library drop box. 

My expectations for what this "kids club" would include was not very high but to my surprise it turned out to be a super fun (and free) afternoon activity and has continued to be on a weekly basis.  When the kids show their cards in the different store departments, they get a free item and then qualify for a significantly reduced kid's special item.

Rumor also has it that Target will hand out a free bakery cookie to your kids while you shop.  Anyone else know of any Grocery Store Freebies for kiddos? It's worth looking into.

Customer in Training carts are a good concept until the backs of your heals get run into at every stop.

Cookie from the Bakery

Fruit of the Week from Produce
Dumb Luck.  We showed up on the day Caribou had it's soft opening in Mega which meant free drinks all around! It also means our kids are now really confused why they don't get a drink every time! 

Cheese from the Deli