Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fed Up

In the spirit of whole/real food eating I want to post about a documentary in which I am totally obsessed with, and knew I would be even before I saw it.  It is called Fed Up and my anticipation has been running high since catching a glimpse of the trailer this past spring.  

Last week Paul and I celebrated our 9th Wedding Anniversary and after 9 years, the guy knows me well.  He pre-ordered the DVD for me and I have not been that excited and surprised by a gift since my parents bought my brother and I a giant trampoline when I was 10.  (OK, so maybe that is stretch but you get the picture.)  

OK, so first thing is first, how is this frugal you may ask?  It turns out if you order the DVD off of Amazon right now, it is free.  (you just pay tax and shipping)  The purchase price is $10 but included in your DVD is a year long subscription to the magazine Eating Well.  If you read the fine print on the business reply to the magazine you can forgo the magazine and get your $10 back by simply writing "refund" on it and dropping it back in the mail.  You can't beat that!  ....Unless you are like me and find yourself conflicted about wanting your money back or trying a new magazine!  Order your copy HERE today!  

Fed Up is the film that the food industry does not want you to see but in my opinion, it is the film that you must see in order to make an educated decision for yourself and your family going forward.  For the past 30 years most of us have been told that the key to a healthy life and waistline is to eat less, exercise more... count calories in and calories out and you will lose that extra weight. Yet as gym memberships double and just about every food on the supermarket shelf has now been made "fat free" or "reduced fat" we keep getting bigger and sicker.  As Katie Couric says it so well "What if these solutions aren't really solutions at all and our whole approach to this epidemic has been dead wrong?"  

I was so fired up after watching this that I had a sheet full of notes I had scribbled down on the back of my kids coloring sheet and was ready to write up an extensive review.  Lucky for you, I don't know how I thought I would have time for that so you will just have to do the homework yourself and watch the documentary.  "Fed up is a wake up call for everyone who eats."- Christopher Rosen, Huffington Post.  It is time to get real about our food. 

I wasn't kidding about the note taking

* Check out the website www.fedupmovie.com to learn more.

*If you aren't going to watch the film and are more of a "give to to me straight/cut to the chase" type of person the conclusion is to EAT REAL FOOD.  Real food will make you full before it will make you fat.  (which my husband and I can TOTALLY attest to as a result of our real food journey these past few years.)  Solutions aren't going to come from government or policy- we have to take it on ourselves, one family at a time.  

*If I lost you at "real food" think of it this way:
food  [food] n 1. something that nourishes, sustains, or supplies
real [ree-uhl, reel] adj 1. true and actual; not artificial

*Have you seen the documentary yet?  What did you think?  Do you eat real food?