Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas Ornaments

This will be the 9th year we will set up a tree and decorate it.  The first few years I loved my ornaments that my husband and I grabbed off a clearance rack the day after Christmas but over the years, like most things, they have lost their appeal.  In an attempt to switch things up a bit without purchasing a whole new decor for the tree I have attempted some DIY projects.  One year I made a new tree skirt, another we strung popcorn, and a few years ago when I had way more time on my hands then I do now I hot glued together hundreds of hard candy peppermints.  (Don't ask)

This year we will have a silverware tree.  Yes, you heard that correctly, silverware.  You know, forks, knives, and spoons.  My husband gave me the "you must be losing it" look when I proclaimed my plan with great excitement this year.  I think he is getting use to me. 

So off I went to the thrift store first where I scored 20 unique silverware pieces ($4) and then walmart for some wire ($5 with plenty to spare).  I happened to have a bunch of pearls laying around from our wedding decor and my trusty glue gun was also a player. About 2 hours later and a little inspiration from Rachel's Nest they were finished.  Now to get a tree and we will be good to go.....

What DIY ideas have you tried out on your tree?
Gathering my supplies

My finished project

What I hope my finished project will look like on the tree.