Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holiday Decor

I am realizing with Christmas quickly approaching that this year my list of  "Crafty-To-Do's" was a little on the ambitious, unrealistic side of things.  I probably accomplished about a fourth of the fun projects I was hoping to get around to.  At least there is always next year, right?  I am happy with the couple of things I did manage to accomplish though. 

  Project #1 was sweater garland for the tree.  I noticed while at Hobby Lobby a while back they had an adorable little Christmas tree wrapped in sweater garland.  After glancing at the price per yard and a quick add up of the math I thought, I could do that myself!  It didn't take long to find an extra large red sweater at a thrift store and with the help of a scissors, I had more sweater garland than my tree could hold.  Grand total: $3.

Project #2 were stocking holders for the kids.  After looking at a few other DIY blogs I based mine on this blog and went with it.  Each holder came in at just under $3.00 including the command strip we used to secure it in place.  I hot glued the sparkly letters on them for this year, but may switch them out with a picture frame or something else in the future.  The kid's are beginning to recognize the letters in their names so the holders have been a hit.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!