Friday, June 1, 2012


Yes, rebates, really!  This week I came across a great rebate offer at Menards of all places.  It was for TIGI haircare products.... sometimes I wonder what home improvement stores don't carry these days.  The offer was good for up to 10 products and was a full rebate return!  So, after picking out 5, spending $50 up front,  and spending a few minutes filling out the rebate form,  my 5 new haircare products will have been the cost of a stamp to send the rebate in. 

On a side note, most rebates send you back in store credit.  If it is not a store you usually end up spending money at, it may not be a win win situation for you.  For us, we run to Menards every other week for this or that so we will have no trouble using the rebate on things we would have needed to purchase anyway.  Here's to frugal finds, awesome rebates, and good hair days.