Saturday, December 3, 2011

Freeze It!

Winter is just around the corner..... actually, it is here!  Unlike many I love winter.  I love the snow,  the cold, and layers of over sized comfy clothing.  There are a few things about winter however, that make being frugal a little more complicated.  Take fresh produce for example.  Not only is the selection and quality lacking during the cold winter months, but the prices jump.  I find myself planning my menu for the week purposely avoiding those fruits and veggies that I love but know will cost sometimes as much as 3 times more than the summer months.  This year I have decided to do something about it.  It's called a freezer.

This week while at Festival Foods I noticed green peppers for less than a dollar a piece and they looked fantastic.  I decided to buy a bunch and then cut and freeze them.  I also measured them out based on certain recipes that I often use so I can simply grab them out as I need them this winter and won't have to pay the high prices in the store.  For me, saving a few extra dollars throughout those long winter months matters.   Happy Frugal Freezing!   

Wash, Cut, and Freeze!

Green Peppers measured and ready to go for fajitas, pizza, casserole, and eggs.  Old baby food containers are the perfect size for freezing!

I also stocked up on ham for casseroles, soup and omelets which was a great buy too! 

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