Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Jamberry Nails

 Yes, the rumors are true.  I have become a Independent Consultant with Jamberry Nails!  Never in a million years did I see myself "selling" anything like this.  I mean come on, all these companies that are "hot" right now all sell really great products but in terms of "the frugal lifestyle" let's just say they usually don't go hand in hand.  

Go to www.nickibehnke.jamberrynails.net to place an order anytime!

So, as many of you have asked..... "Why in the WORLD would Nicki Behnke- queen of frugal finds, thrift store racks, and Aldi grocery lover be behind this whole Jamberry Nails thing?!?!"  Well, let me explain why I not only love this product BUT turns out it's got a little "frugalness" running through it's veins as well.  

First thing is first, for those of you who are new to Jamberry's, WHAT ARE THEY?  Jamberry wraps are a strip of non-toxic vinyl that can be applied directly to your nail with heat and pressure. They have NO drying time, no yucky smell and come in over 350 different patterns and designs. Each sheet of these wraps come with two sets of nine different sizes to produce the perfect fit and each sheet can produce anywhere from 2-4 applications depending on how long your nails are. They stay on your nails for up to two weeks and your toes for around six weeks!


Did you catch that?... One order of these nails will last you 3 to 4 applications!!  On top of that, each application on your fingers will last an average of 2 weeks and if you put them on your toes they will be good to go for 6 whole weeks.... which if you live in "the North" practically feels like the whole summer season!  

Check out how far one sheet can go!!!

 OK, math time.  You place an order for 1 nail wrap.  After tax and shipping your total is about $20.00.  Divide that by 4 (since you will likely get that many applications out of them) and it brings your manicure/pedicure down to about $5 an application.  Each application will last weeks.

The Cheapest Competition around:  Walmart offers a $12 manicure.  That is ONE application on your fingers that will barely last the week before chipping if you are lucky. Over double the cost for a lot less wear and tear time.  Enough said.  Well, almost enough... check out the pictures below for a few added "bonuses" of Jamberry... 

That brings each application down to only $3.23 which INCLUDES the shipping and tax. OR get rid of shipping by placing an order of $150 or more to lower your cost even more- order with a friend!

JUNIOR JAMS give you THREE sets of FOURTEEN sizes giving you 42 strips total each of the strips will be cut in half yielding 84 fingers or toes PER WRAP. therefore you will get 8 FULL applications (and some statement nails) per wrap that cost $1.88/application.    


Host an online facebook party and end up with FREE products!!!  Super easy!!  Follow this LINK to sign up to host an online party. 

Not only will you make some extra cash (or serious cash if you have the time), but the starter kit itself has some great things included too!  Follow this LINK to join today OR ask me about my story.