Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Kitchen Table Re-do

When our family suddenly increased from 2 to 5 a lot of things no longer cut it.  Take our 2 small cars for example, try as we may there was no way we were going to be able to fit 3 car seats across either of our back seats.  Let's just say I was forced into the mini van Mom deal rather suddenly.  It also didn't take us long to realize that our kitchen table was also not suitable for a family of 5.  I loved our table so for a little over a year I dug my heals in and tried to make it work.  Two things happened:

#1.  Our children managed to leave their mark....multiple marks..all over our nice tabletop and chairs.

 #2.  The person on the end which was not at all meant for a person, couldn't fit their legs under the table.  I ate sitting sideways or with my feet bent up under me for an entire year.  It will eventually break a determined spirit. 

Much to my dismay the hunt for a new table began.  I checked out all the furniture stores in town along with a little online shopping and guess what?  New tables are expensive and I am "frugal".  Not a good mix most of the time.  I found myself on Pinterest (go figure) and was drawn over and over again to re-finished tables.  So, after a few weeks of keeping an eye on craigslist we found a table for $30.  My wonderful husband spent a good hour in the garage sanding it on a below zero WI afternoon and we filled the basement with paint fumes but the finished project was a success.   We borrowed the sander from a friend and used leftover paint to keep the cost low.  I plan to re-stain the top once our kids get a little older and hopefully stop destroying things along with the chairs (which are a separate find and story).  If we can pull this DIY project off, most people can.... and it's also a bonus to save yourself a few hundred dollars when you can.  New kitchen table that a family of 5 can comfortably sit at:  Check! Finished product pictures below..... before pictures currently lost.