Monday, August 15, 2011

My God Provides!

Being a homeowner, as a whole, has been a very positive experience for us thus far.  In our few short years of having a mortgage,  we have encountered only an affordable small fix here and there.  This year however,  as winter began to thaw into spring, a funny thing happened.   Pieces of shingles began to appear in our yard.  It wasn't long before it became obvious that a new roof was not a few years off like we had hoped, but would need to be replaced before the snow began to fly. 

 For some people a large, unexpected expense means it is time to empty out the contents of the coffee can stuffed with cash hidden deep in the freezer.  For other's it's  time to put on your Sunday best and pay a visit to the bank or Grandma.  For us, it meant pray, and pray we did.  We had actually been daily praying about our roof for over a year, knowing that replacing it was in our future sooner than later.  We boldly asked that God would provide.  I prayed for hail, and a little over a year later, he sent wind instead.

One thing lead us to another and before we knew it we had an insurance claim on our roof.  The first insurance adjuster came out and denied our request, saying it was damaged by age.  We called and asked for another adjuster and continued to pray.  After only 10 minutes on our roof the second adjuster found evidence of wind and hail damage.  Our claim had been approved!  Not only did God completely provide us with a brand new roof, He threw in new gutters and a window frame as well totaling just under the $10,000 mark.  (I know, isn't it sick that a roof and gutter cost that much?!)  Although this post isn't exactly about a frugal find, it was a huge financial blessing for us and I want to give God the Glory because my God is the God who provides....... even roofs.     

The roof before

Our new roof has arrived!!

And 2 days later, the finished product!

The close up

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