Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Dime a Dozen

A dime....ten cents....10 pennies... call it what you will but year to date, a dime seems rather insignificant.  Have you ever stepped over a lone dime on the pavement not giving it more thought than you would a penny as you pass it by? Let's just say after a weekend of garage sales, my hope in the value of a dime has been renewed.

For the past few years my Mom and I have attended her town's annual garage sale weekend in May.  This year on a cold and rainy Friday morning we started off at 7AM and in the span of the following 5 hours went to 53 plus garage sales!  

A few highlights from my day were a pampered chef pizza stone for $2, a picture/sign for the living room doorway for $1, and some fun kids costumes ($1.75 total) for a dress-up bag I am making for a friend's daughter.  In addition to the "normal priced" items,  I came across 2 clothing pieces marked at a dime each!  My first find was a fitted cute flannel print long sleeve which will be perfect for a fall afternoon.  My second find is what I would call an original "vintage"cotton dress great for these upcoming summer-like days ..... I will never look at a dime the same again!  

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  1. That's great! I love the dress. You make ME want to go to your Mom's town garage sale weekend!