Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Customer Freebies

I am not the only one in this house that tends to be a little on the "frugal" side.  My husband has recently taken up the hobby of following "deal" blogs and website on a daily basis.  It is not an unusual day for him to send a quick message my way to "check this or that out...."

 For example, did you know that today is Arby's Birthday and they are giving away FREE Jamocha shakes (12 oz) until they run out?  Nothing like a totally tempting treat on a hot summer day!  (Just in case you are wondering, I didn't make it over there....yet...) 

I don't usually jump on my blog and share these deals (who has time for that?) BUT, I am very, very excited to share about an awesome deal from that you will not want to miss.  So check this out.... supposedly, if you are a "new" customer with them you get your first pair of glasses strings attached.  As always I am a little skeptical and my first thought was that it must not include the lens or something vital to make a pair of glasses a pair of glasses or something crazy like that.  I mean come on, FREE GLASSES ?....

Well my friends, it is true.  No catch.  Great selection of men, women's, and kid's glasses all for the cost of shipping and handling.  (some frames don't apply to the promo so make sure you are looking in the right spot)  My total was $16.80..... for glasses.... are you following me here?

I did have trouble when I entered the FIRSTPAIRFREE code so I had to call to place my order.  They were super nice, helpful, and even though it turned out the pair I was trying to order was not technically one of the "free pair" she was happy to apply the code for me anyway.  WIN!

So hurry up people, this deal is only good through the end of July!  

Check then out here:

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