Monday, March 31, 2014

Girl's Headband Organizer

Having two little girls who adore "pretty things" means we have quite the collection of headbands, hair clips, and everything in between.  Up to this point, they have been stuffed in an already overstuffed drawer in our bathroom or on the rare occasion they did find their way out, I would find hair things scattered about.  The organization freak in me was about to lose it. 

After searching around on Pinterest  I came up with a few inspirations.... add a little of this and little of that and there you have it.  Not only did I manage to come up with a great way to organize and display the girl's hair things, but it adds to the wall decor in their room.  Two for the price of one.  My grand total for this project came in at just under $10.

A few frugal tips:  I found my frame in a "free box" at a garage sale and scored a huge bag of unique buttons from Goodwill for just $2. 

Ideas adapted from the blogs: Sunny Tuesday and Firefly

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