Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's Not Over Yet- Garage Sales

It is true, fall is upon us once again.  With' back to school' supplies lining the store shelves and apple crisp recipes filling the pinterest home page, it is easy to forget that there might still be time to fit in that summer activity you didn't get around to.  For me, that activity is garage sales.  I don't know what happened but here we are, well past the season prime and I am sad to say I didn't make it out half as many times as I had hoped for. 

Last weekend we went down to visit my parents and my Mom and I got up bright and early to scoure the neighborhood for some end of the season sales.  To make a long story short, I think I made up for all the sales I missed this year!  Sometimes you just hit a good one and boy did I find a good one.  Well I know little about the lady having the sale I do know a few things: 

1.  She was my size to a 'T'.
2.  She was a shopoholic.... the kind with a closet full of clothes with tags still on.
3.  We have very similar taste in clothing.
4.  She could care less about making much at her garage sale.

Needless to say, 10 shirts (4 still had tags), 4 headbands, 3 purses (1 with tags), a watch, a dress, and a pair of mittens, shoes, and earrings later I was one happy girl.  My grand total.... just under $20.00! 

Some other fun and random finds from that morning consist of an original Nintendo system with controllers and 6 games.  My original thought was to buy to resell but my husband seems to have hijacked the idea for now.... guess what he has been doing all week?  Asking price for the whole thing was $2.... total...

Another thing I was super excited to find was a brand new I-pod speaker hat with headphones built into the hat.  It will be perfect for running during those chilly fall mornings.... and for those of you that know me well, take a stab at the color.  Yes, it is yellow!  It was meant to be and all for only $1.

So long Garage Sale Season.  Until next year that is...

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