Thursday, February 9, 2012

DIY Picture Tiles

While searching for creative DIY projects to give for Christmas gifts this year I came across this fun and simple idea: Picture Tiles.  Not only were these tiles easy to make but yes, you guessed it, frugal as well!  I had pictures printed at Walgreens for 29 cents a piece, each tile at Menards was less than a $1, Walmart had the cheapest photo stands coming in at a whopping $2, and I splurged on the Mod Podge which was around $5 with a coupon at Michael's.  (The modge podge will go a long way.  I only used about 1/4 of the bottle to complete 8 tiles.)   I also chose to add scrapbook paper to my tiles which I found for 25 cents a sheet.  When it was all said and done my grand total on each tile came to about $3.75.  This project was fun, fast and frugal!

Supplies gathered and ready to go! Pictures, ceramic tiles found at any hardware store, mod podge, a brush, scrapbook paper, and a stand for your finished project.

Spread a thin layer of mod podge under and on top of your paper and photo.

Make sure your mod podge is smooth and then let it dry.  Don't worry, it will dry clear.
Project Complete! 


  1. Love it Nicole!! I really enjoy your blogs! GREAT ideas!