Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bag Toppers

Don't you just hate it when your computer dies when you have a bunch of things you were planning to post to your blog?  That is my explanation for why, four weeks after Christmas, my next few posts will  be about more Christmas crafts/projects that I did.  Seeing as how we recently received our first real snowfall here, this will be strangely fitting. 

Over the past few months, the world of Pinterest has sucked me in.  I have gathered so many good ideas and have even tried a handful of the them.  One of these ideas is homemade bag toppers.  All you need is a zip lock bag, a stapler or some glue, and some fun paper. (not to mention something delicious to put inside of the bags)  Simply cut the paper slightly wider than the top of the bag, fold it in half, and fasten the paper to the bag with a stapler or glue.  The rest of the creativity is up to you.  It is a frugal way to dress up those homemade goodies that you give away.  Happy frugal crafting! 

Packer Party Caramel Corn

Owl Themed Christmas Candy Basket

Bags too big?  Fold them in half before you staple the top on.

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