Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DIY Party Hats

This week my small group of 6th Grade girls is having a "Happy Birthday" party. With the size of the group it quickly became obvious that this party could get expensive and in a hurry.  It was time to put my frugal find mind to work.  Every good party needs a party hat so after a little research on Pinterest (my newest addiction), I came up with a plan of attack. 

Step 1:  Gather materials.  I used colored card stock, tissue paper, ribbon, and crepe paper.  Next time I would like to try using patterned scrapbook paper.

Step 2:  Trace and cut out your hat.  The template I used can be found at http://www.floodstreetpress.com/download/ohhappyday_partyhats_template.pdf

Step 3:  Add Trim.  Cut a piece of crepe paper to go around the bottom of your hat.  Fold in half lenghwise.  On the raw edge cut fringes in the paper.  Unfold. 
Step 4:  Put hats together and fit the piece of crepe paper on the fold over the brim of the hat.  Staple around the hat.

Step 5:  Fluff the trim to cover the staples and add volume.
Step 6:  The Topper.  Cut a rectangle of tissue paper.  (I doubled it for volume).  Fold about 1/2 inch and continue to fold until you reach the end.  Cut Slits in top.  Twist bottom and push through top of hat.   I secured it on the inside with a piece of tape.

Step 7:  Flowers.  Cut a rectangle into tissue paper (again, I doubled it for volume).  Fold as directed above.  Cut slits on top and bottom.  Fold in half so fringes are together.  Staple to hat and arrange the tissue paper to add shape and volume.
Step 8:  Attach ribbon for a chin strap.  I used tape.  There you have it - Party Hat complete!  Do it yourself is this weeks frugal find!    

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